• Szeroka oferta stolarki. Okna i drzwi PVC, ALU i drewno.


Technical information

Blinds also known as imposed are mounted only at the stage of construction of the facility or replace the woodwork.
The box blinds is applied to the window frame or door.
The outer frame windows are screwed onto the rails blinds, only then the whole set is mounted in a recess window or door.
As a result box blinds is not visible, but part of the window.
Blinds are made in wide range of colors RAL, which allows a perfect fit color of the window.
The mechanism of developing and rolling shutters can be triggered manually by electrical engine controlled manually or remotely.
Control of blinds can well function in the "smart home". In addition, the blinds can be equipped with anti-theft devices.
Dimensions (standard) for the blinds:
Width Height with box
0.35 - 2.00 m of 1.36 - 3.19 m
2.01 - 2.50 m 1.18 - 3.11 m
to 3.00 m 1.38 - 2.41 m

Blinds Portos CC 1000:

Blinds Portos TL 1000:

Blinds Portos TP 1000:

Blinds Portos TP 1000 M:

Roller shutters

Technical information

Outdoor blinds are mounted on the façade.
Shutters insulate well the heat, are a barrier for the "uninvited guests", and after partial leaving protect against excessive sunlight and heat.
Blinds can be fitted with a non-standard anti-theft devices.
Often roller shutters are available with a mosquito net, which protects against insects.
It is used a wide range of RAL colors, which allows a very convenient way to choose the appropriate colors of windows and blinds.
Blinds can be developed and rolled by hand or by an electric motor controlled manually or remotely.
The control system is compatible with roller system "smart home".
Dimensions (standard) your outdoor blinds:
Width Height together with a box
of 0.35 - 2.00 m of 1.97 - 3.94 m
2.01 - 2.50 m of 1.82 - 3.98 m
to 3.00 m 1.26 - 2.94 m