• Szeroka oferta stolarki. Okna i drzwi PVC, ALU i drewno.


Technical information

- 5 chamber system with a depth of 70 mm
- Uw up to 1.0 W / m2K, Rw up to 40 dB
- the outer walls in Class A with a thickness of 3 mm with a tolerance of 0.2 mm
- the presence of the internal chambers of a width exceeding 5 mm
- possibility of glazing with a thickness of 8 to 42 mm without having to use additional profiles
- bigger glass surface allows for better illumination
- excellent thermal and acoustic insulation resulting in effective
suppression of noise from the outside
- seals double surface secured with a drop of 15 degrees veneering profile enabling evacuation Water
- profiles with the possibility of bending arcs
- taking in class burglary RC2, RC3

PVC Window profile VEKA SOFTLINE 82

Technical information

- 7 chamber system with a depth of 82 mm
- the heat transfer coefficient is from 0.8 W / m2K for the entire window Rw to 44 dB
- this is one of the warmest of window
- The possibility of glazing with a thickness of 24-52 mm - glass complex
- system of seals to ensure a perfect seal windows, noise protection as well as from cold and damp
- a classic design - elegant shape with a slight rounding of the edge of the frame and sash
- high quality and durability profiles only in Class A
- better protection against burglary or removing windows
- Compatibility with complementary profiles and connecting Softline70 system
- taking in class burglary RC2, RC3

PVC Window profile VEKA ALPHALINE 90

Technical information

- 6 chamber system with a depth of 90 mm
- possibility of using glazing with a thickness of 24 - 50 mm
- minimizes energy consumption in a building
- heat transfer coefficient Uw of 1.1 to 0.8 W / m2K in option package three layers of glass, Rw up to 44 dB
- triple system seals the central gasket ensures a perfect seal acoustic and thermal insulation
- low overall height of the side profiles of wing and frame at 118 mm provides more glass area and a fully illuminates the inside
- steel reinforcements provide excellent static stability and long-term functionality
- availability of a broad range of and complementary fasteners with 70 mm Veka systems
- taking in class burglary RC2, RC3

PVC Window profile REHAU EURO-DESIGN 70

Technical information

The windows in the system of Euro-Design 70 will make the house becomes cozy and warm.
- The possibility of various sections of the leaf (rebated, round), which allows you to achieve high performance of thermal insulation that decide to reduce energy consumption
- a wide range of profiles additional
- 5-chamber profile with a depth of 70 mm
- heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1.3 W / m2K
- acoustic insulation coefficient Rw = 45 dB
- Burglar resistance to RC 2
- oblique notch base frame for easy drainage and cleaning

PVC Window profile REHAU SYNEGO

Technical information

- Variety of solutions shapes of the windows with a rich palette of colors
- profiles are available in a version with center seal and baffle
- a system Synego meets the future requirements of energy-efficient construction
- ideal for both the renovation of old buildings and modern builds
- installation depth profiles of 80 mm
- 7-chamber profiles frame and a 6-cell wing profiles
- heat transfer coefficient Uw 0.94 W / m2K
- acoustic insulation coefficient Rw = 46 dB
- Burglar resistance to RC 3
- Low deposit profiles (117 mm) to ensure the effective acquisition of light
- the solutions shapes profile facilitates drainage and removal of contaminants

PVC Window profile REHAU GENEO

Technical information

- The leader in its class in terms of energy efficiency
- a stable material that provides the unique properties of static sections without the need for steel reinforcement, which in turn removes the cause of formation of thermal bridges
- excellent performance protection against burglary and noise protection
- 6 - chamber profile with a depth of 86 mm
- Uw heat transfer coefficient to 0.86 W / m2K
- insulating windows Rw = 47dB (-1, -3)
- Resistance to burglary Class RC 3 and RC without steel reinforcement 2
- a small amount of packet assumptions profiles - 115 mm
- less weight window elements for easy transport and installation of joinery
- used for effective ways to counteract the formation of condensate

Wide color palette RAL

Implementation of PVC windows is possible in any of RAL colors.