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In our offer you will find the highest quality wooden windows. Below are the most frequently selected models of windows and specifications of individual profiles.


The name of the window The thickness of the profile (mm) The thickness of the glazing (mm)Energy efficiency
Sound insulation
PLUS6834 1,10 44 5 years
SOLAR7844 0,80 445 years
CAPITAL9258 0,68 4510 years
COMFORT6846 0,90 3910 years
RECORD7853 0,80 4010 years
PRESTIGE9260 0,70 4210 years

wooden window profile PLUS

Technical information

68 mm traditional profile of pine, meranti or oak (other types by custom order), characterized by the aesthetics of form. The three-layer bonding, selected wood, impregnated and lacquered. It is possible to use aluminum cladding on the outside. Package two-triple sheet.

owooden window profile SOLAR

Technical information

78 mm, thickness profile is distinguished by a modern design and optimal parameters. Crafted from pine, mahogany, oak (other types by custom order). Proven four-profile design covered with a repellent and three layers of organic paint. Possibility to make windows in large sizes and the use of aluminum cladding on the outside. In the triple sheet package.

wooden window profile CAPITAL

Technical information

92 mm solid profile, laminated with selected wood, provides excellent stability. Crafted from pine, mahogany, oak (other types by custom order). Water-soluble organic lacquers and impregnating a four-profile in a separate process guarantees longevity, warm glass packages allow you to get a window on one of the highest thermal performance in the market.

wooden window profile COMFORT

Technical information

The design is based on two frames - 68 mm wood from the inside and aluminum on the outside, the solution "for years". It is characterized by longevity in tough conditions. A large variety of choice between wood and aluminum profiles. Package two-triple sheet.

wooden window profile RECORD

Technical information

Stable, robust construction 78 mm wood and aluminum frame, which is distinguished by a high load resistance, durability and an attractive classical design. Ability to setup rich wooden profiles combined with six aluminum profiles. In the triple package.

wooden window profile PRESTIGE

Technical information

solution for the market. It’s luxuriously combination of high insulation resistance of wood with aluminum. By using warm glazing is a window for the best performance.