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We offer products of the best Polish manufacturers of windows, window and door systems, sliding doors, facades made of PVC, aluminum and wood. We carry out individual projects, standard solutions, we provide professional consulting and project guarantee the highest quality, timeliness and robustness.

Proposed by us products meet the highest quality to achieve heat transfer coefficients Uw, solar energy transmission ("solar factor"), and the light transmittance Lt, which guarantees maximum energy efficiency solutions applied. Maintaining the highest standards is made possible by constant cooperation with renowned partners like: VEKA, REHAU, YAVAL, ALUPROF, PONZIO, ROTO STOLBUD, GLASSOLUTION. Our products are characterized by esthetic while retaining a timeless design.

We have facilities suitable for transport, transport platforms for moving windows, specialized pallets for safe transportation. Your orders are "our pride and joy".

We can realize your dream window. WINDOWS is more, the daily perception of the world from scratch. See the world through our windows. Your needs are our challenge.

Our offer on the Market:
Windows and Doors PVC,Windows and Doors Aluminum,Windows and Doors in wood,Patio doors
Everything in one place.

We fulfil individual projects, standard solutions, professional consultancy services whilst guaranteeing highest quality, on-time delivery and reliable implementation.

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Our selected reasons

Why you should choose us

We will tell you the best solutions, so that you can make the right choice.

We will select the best windows in terms of technical performance and aesthetic. Depending on where you live we will help you effectively mute your property, ensure proper ventilation, choose the best profile, the best colors. Customer satisfaction with the realization is our priority, which is why we offer you the best choice in the industry VEKA, REHAU, ALUPROF ROTO.

We provide the best quality products

We offer you the windows from PVC, wood and aluminum. High class of windows, use innovative production lines, can be used properly, in accordance with the expectation of design increases the chance for the best choice and thus fulfill your expectations.

Energy efficiency

The result of the use of more materials for production are big savings in heating costs, which accounts for a large portion of the household budget. On the energy efficiency of the windows affects package insulating glass, a proper seal decreasing the flow of cool air, a greater number of chambers in the frame and frame thickness for wooden windows. The heat transfer coefficient should be ok.1,8 in the case of energy efficient windows should lie between 0.8 -1 W / m2K.

Professional installation

Professional measurements appropriately secured inside before installation, and cleaning the place after the service have an impact on correct assembly. Made by unqualified persons can cause all sorts of problems with the functioning of the woodwork, the lack of tightness thermal and sound. We offer a 3-year warranty on installation.


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