• Szeroka oferta stolarki. Okna i drzwi PVC, ALU i drewno.

About BJ Company

We offer products form the best Polish manufacturers of windows and doors from wood, PVC and aluminum.

Our work

High quality products are made-to-order, to insure an exacting fit for any new construction or renovation project.

Highest standards

Working towards the highest standards is possible through partnerships with: VEKA, REHAU, YAVAL, ALUPROF, PONZIO, ROTO, STOLBUD, GLASSOLUTION.

we are professionals

4 steps to success

Your needs


Window replacement or new order – with us you’ll fine what are you looking for. We offer wide portfolio of possibilities, professional consultancy, high quality finish, rich palette of colors as well as professional implementation.

Our capability


The quality is most important to us. We offer windows of the highest isolation parameters, acoustic and esthetic.



We have experience in creation as well as the fulfilment. We have logistic capability providing guarantee of safe transportation.

On time


Most of the order windows are created based on a custom need for each Client. ON the day of the order we can precisely outline the delivery and installation date.

Contact us for more information.

We are looking forward to answer your questions and address any concerns.


We have over 20 years so the experience. You can trust us.

High Quality

Our sole focus is to provide product of the highest quality in everything we do.


Our offer is based on innovation, modern design, reliability and safety.


It is on of our priorities to always deliver on time.

Attractive pricing

Our sole focus is to provide product of the highest quality in everything we do. You can save a considerable amount of money by doing Business with us.

After-sale support

You can count on us even after the guaranty.