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Our range of PVC Doors

In our offer you will find exterior doors PVC profiles:

VEKA: PRIMA 70 mm, OPTIMA 82 mm
REHAU: TERMIC 70 mm, HOTIC 86 mm

Each profile is available in two versions: standard and economic.

PVC door, profile PRIMA STANDARD

Technical information

Reinforced door, used primarily as entrance doors to residential single and multi-family and to the public use.
They can be used independently of the exposure - also on the south elevation.
Normally the doors use our locks and excellent adhesion sash to the frame: locking system with key 2 hooks, 1 lock or lock - controlled automatic key, 2 bolts, 3 locking points and 1 lock, optional lock Maco type of extra insert.

PVC door, profile PRIMA ECONOMIC

Technical information

The doors used in residential buildings as an extra, for example to go out to the terrace to the garden.
Due to a weaker construction relative to the door in the Standard version does not recommend their use on the south elevation.
The standard is used for lock Maco ensure the safety and excellent adhesion sash to the frame: locking system with handle, 4 rolls and 1 lock, optional Maco controlled lock key, 4 rolls and 1 lock.

In addition, both versions have:

Three Jockerz door hinges adjustable in three dimensions and low aluminum threshold with a height of 20mm.
A wide choice of fillings and insulating glass from transparent, through reflective, effective stained glass, ornaments, until the milk safe to allow the selection of optimal solutions..
Ability to perform in the colors of PVC windows Veka systems and Rehau.
Ability to perform as casement doors with extra side or irradiation.

wide color palette RAL

Implementation of PVC doors is possible in any of RAL colors.

PVC exterior doors with decorative