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Our offer in wooden doors.

In our offer you will find wooden exterior doors with wings:


Below are the main specifications of the above. wooden doors.

Name doors The thickness of the wings (mm)Energy efficiency
Burglar Warranty
SARMATIA68 1,00RC2 2 years
PREMIUM TERMO68 1,20RC2 2 years

wooden doors, wing SARMATIA

Technical information

The design with a thickness of 68 mm glued pine, faced plywood (pine, meranti, oak) filled panel thermal insulation providing a very good thermal properties.
Special fittings and glass sets provide security shutters.
Standard dimensions outside 1020 x 2100 mm, there is a possibility to make doors in other dimensions.
The collection distinguished by its original design and a rich palette of paints.

Wooden doors SARMATIA

wooden doors, wing PREMIUM

Technical information

The design with a thickness of 68 mm made of pine, meranti or oak, high quality.
The doors are produced in versions with enhanced resistance to burglary.
A wide selection of glass.
The standard door made in the external dimension 1020 x2100 mm, Premium door can be performed in mitral version of bottoming top and side beds.

Wooden doors PREMIUM